Meta Scope

A secure and easy-to-use solution for forensic medical examinations

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MetaScope™ was developed to meet the needs of medical professionals who examine the victims of abuse and must visually document their findings. It's engineered to be easy to use so the examiner can focus on the patient, not the equipment.

MetaScope™ consists of three elements:

MetaScope™ can be used as a stand-alone solution or will integrate with MetaCase™, allowing your team to conveniently store all your abuse photos, forensic interviews, and case-management data in one place and securely share them with authorized team members.

Capture HD photos and video clips using a touchscreen or hands free

Review images before saving to ensure they're accurate and in-focus

Easily markup an image, add relevant notes, or obscure an area

Media is encrypted on capture and then erased after transfer

Integrates with MetaCase™ for archiving and management

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