Meta Image

A digital evidence manager to organize, protect, and share your images

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MetaImage™ is a digital image evidence manager that enables agencies to manage images from multiple systems and devices in a single location. With MetaImage™ you can verify the authenticity of your images, create proof sheets for court, and securely share your images with prosecutors and other team members.

MetaImage™ fully integrates with MetaCase™. This means that you can store all of your evidentiary images, interviews, and case-management data in a single electronic case folder.

MetaImage™ allows you to securely store images on your MetaCase™ server; maintaining ownership of your data while saving tens of thousands of dollars a year over single purpose or cloud-based systems.

Consolidate images from multiple systems in one place

Authenticate images and create proof sheets for court

Easily share images with prosecutors or other team members

Allow technicians to upload images to case folders without being able to view the other contents of the file

Integrates with MetaCase™ for archiving and case management

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