Microception develops online products and services that deliver high-quality video and audio linked to relevant information, adding a new visual dimension to information gathering and reporting systems and Transforming Video Into Knowledge™ - Knowledge that can be used to help organizations:

  Improve Performance
  Lower Cost
  Reduce Risk
  Increase Security

Microception’s advanced online video applications, systems and services are designed to meet the specific needs of emerging markets, including:

  VideOversight™, interview recording and case management for law enforcement

Microception also combines in-house software development and video processing expertise with hands-on knowledge of complex IP networks and best-in-class security technology to provide VISIONSM , an advanced digital CCTV service specializing in Video Information Systems Integration Over Networks.

The next generation in digital recording for law enforcement, forensic interview, and behavioral analysis combining complete online video monitoring, recording and archiving with a comprehensive case management application

"We recently started using Microception’s VideOversight interview recording and management system at the Norman Oklahoma Police Department.  It’s been a great success.  Our investigators like the fact that they can start and stop recordings and/or monitor multiple interview rooms at once either from their desks or from any computer that is equipped with the system.”

Blaine Davison, President of LEVA

"Of all the vendors we have ever had to deal with, you guys are the best. I know that every product or technology has issues and that is why support is so important. You guys are always there when we need you."

Captain Bobby Holmes, Douglas Co. GA Sheriff's Office

VISIONSM allows you to see beyond traditional CCTV integration services and find the right way to implement advanced digital CCTV systems over complex networks


Microception is a proud member of LEVA