Interview Room Recording and Case Management

  Ensure compelling video evidence
  Link video evidence with case files and documents
  Securely archive evidence in a central repository
  Easily share evidence with fellow investigators
  Monitor, record and playback video from your office

The electronic recording of custodial interrogations and investigative interviews is a powerful and efficient law enforcement tool. Coupled with sound policies and procedures, video can protect the rights of defendants while ensuring a factual presentation of evidence, making it a persuasive tool for prosecutors and juries alike – VideOversight™ is the latest, most advanced offering in this field.

By combining advanced digital video technology with comprehensive case management software, VideOversight™ delivers a truly powerful video monitoring, recording, archiving, and case management tool for law enforcement agencies – key features include:

  All digital recording of the entire interview process - protecting officers against claims of abuse, coercion and perjury
  Remote simultaneous live viewing (with optional audio prompting), recording, and playback of interrogations, from any authorized computer on your secure department network – eliminating the need for special viewing rooms
  Comprehensive online case management application that allows you to link and archive not only interrogation recordings, but also any associated electronic evidence such as pictures, documents, and notes
  Redundant media archiving to both secure on-site archive server and DVD – allowing rapid access to video evidence for internal analysis, discussion, and training, while preserving chain-of-evidence

Benefits of Electronic Recording

VideOversight™ delivers benefits for law enforcement officers, suspects, prosecutors, juries, and judges, and strengthens the search for truth in our justice system. According to a recent study*, electronic recording of custodial interrogations and investigative interviews provides the following benefits:

  Used as an online training tool, digital video allows law enforcement agencies to improve policies, procedures and interview techniques
  Digital recording reduces the need for officers to prepare reports from handwritten notes, with the risk of important omissions
  Video provides stronger evidence for the prosecution and fewer pretrial motions to suppress
  A full video record of the interrogation process protects officers against claims of abuse, coercion and perjury
  Recording saves the time and cost of many lengthy contested pretrial and trial hearings, because recordings make some extensive testimony unnecessary
  Irrefutable video evidence leads to more guilty pleas
  Irrefutable video evidence also leads to a reduction in risk of innocent persons being convicted or guilty persons being acquitted
  Video provides stronger prosecution records on appeal

*Police Experiences with Recording Custodial Interrogations, T.P. Sullivan Report, Northwestern University School of Law, Center on Wrongful Convictions (2004)

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